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We Are The Social Media Marketing Experts For South Florida

We love creating buzz! A background in digital marketing paired with an ever-evolving creative flair is what we are made of. Our team hails from the land of inspiring imagery and viral videos and we have a love affair with words and phrases. We thrive on researching industries and consumer needs, staying on the cutting edge of social technology and tailoring our imaginative voice to suit all brands.


So what real-life experience do we have? National sports organizations, global clothing lines, small retail startups and local small businesses just to name a few. Do you have a national brand that needs attention? Our team’s high-level marketing campaign experience can help you get noticed. What if you are just starting out and need a helping hand with local marketing?  We have the know-how and drive to grow your business from the ground up. Contact us today and let’s work together to create a customized social media plan perfect for you.


The go-to source for news and events via social media, everyone is on Facebook. Even your grandmother! Facebook is the largest social network with millions of people sharing knowledge and information. Why not enable them to talk about your company too?


The latest and greatest platform to hit the internet. Instagram is perfect for sharing photos and videos of your #sundayfunday, avocado toast, favorite products and the funniest memes ever to hit the internet. Companies shine on Instagram due to its visual setup and easy search capabilities.


A bit more “in the moment” than its competitors, Twitter is the place to go to if you need to find out if you are the only one unable to stream the newest season of “Stranger Things” or if Netflix is holding out on everyone. If your brand needs to post several regular updates a week while also answering customer questions, Twitter is the place for you.


Want to learn how to play guitar? See a cat and a deer play together? How about learn about the CEO of a major corporation? Youtube is an online video library housing the best amateur and professional videos of the past several years. With its ability to house content and share or embed on almost any platform, Youtube is your number-one source for regularly publishing videos.