Reach your full potential with the help of a professional copywriter

You may have heard the term “copywriter” a few times when researching ways to increase your website’s search engine ranking or grow your social media accounts. Although you may be familiar with the term, you may not know what a copywriter does, and how one could be beneficial to your business.

Believe it or not, a copywriter has absolutely nothing to do with copyrights. If you possess a copyright, you have exclusive legal ownership of an entity. This could be a book, a song, a logo, etc. A copywriter is in charge of all of the words (i.e., copy) on websites, brochures, emails, social posts, or blog articles. A professional copywriter has the creativity and experience needed to convey your company’s mission, brand identity, sales efforts, and stories.

Does my business need a copywriter? 

If your company has any form of digital presence such as a website, landing page, Google ad, social media, email newsletter, or an Etsy or Amazon store, you can benefit from a skilled copywriter’s work. In this day and age, capturing and keeping the attention of potential customers can be difficult. On average, a person will encounter through one day at their computer or on their phone over 1000 different companies, media corporations, and influencers all vying for their attention. Aside from the visual components of your brand such as colors, videos, or photos, the only way to interest a consumer is through compelling copy.

How can a professional copywriter reach potential customers?

Every company has its own unique voice, story, and brand identity. The ones with successful marketing can easily translate the above elements effortlessly through their media. Employing the assistance of a copywriter can give your business the tools it needs to interestingly and accurately convey your company’s message. Below are some ways a copywriter can help with your marketing:


If you work in an industry such as software, commercial contracting, medical, or solar, you may have many complex elements to your business that are difficult to present in layman’s terms. Areas you are specialized in can often be hard to break down into easy-to-read and understand concepts. An expert copywriter will work with you to simply, yet accurately explain your business and products or services so that your customers can understand the value you offer.


Often, the consumer needs to have an understanding of your industry or the unique elements of your offering to make an informed purchase decision. For instance, the average person may not realize that solar panels range in quality. By choosing a high-grade brand, the panels will last longer, equipment downtime can be reduced, and more power can be generated through the panel’s high-efficiency solar cells. Without detailed, educational copy, it would be difficult for homeowners interested in solar to make a decision to choose a company that offers premium equipment.


Generic copy will not capture your audience’s attention. There is so much to be seen and read online that it is easy to just scroll right past something that does not quickly capture attention. Conversely, content that inspires, promotes feelings of empowerment and gets the reader thinking can make a big difference in the retention of your digital material.

A great copywriter will help you turn a profit.

Ultimately, you want to sell as many of your products or as much of your service as possible. If you have goals in mind such as a 40% open rate on emails, or 50% increase in traffic to your website, or more contact form fills, attention-grabbing, explanatory, educational, and inspiring copy will be what makes a difference in your ability to profit from marketing efforts.


Summer Keeney